Left in Agony and Paralysed

Updated: Jul 22

No one stopped to help

Imagine being hit full force by a kid racing to work on his motorbike at 6.00 am and left lying in a big puddle in the torrential rain for 2 hours. During those 2 hours, 100s of cars and motorbikes passed by but not one person stopped to help this badly injured dog lying helpless and drenched with rain.

It was just luck that we’d been called out to help another dog also hit by a car in the storm but who sadly died. On our return, we saw this poor dog who just stared at us and didn’t move. We knew immediately he was badly injured and would probably bite if we tried to move him. Luckily we had a muzzle and blankets in the car so we were able to muzzle him and cover his face before getting him into our pickup truck.

Both vets in our town have no x-ray facilities so we rushed him 100ks to our special cases vet for x-rays and treatment. The x-rays showed his spine was badly fractured and his spinal cord severed. He had no chance to walk again. The vet said they weren’t equipped to operate on such a serious injury and advised that an operation would be pointless.

His owners arrived

He must have been in so much pain for hours before we got him to the vet but he never cried once. We brought him back and put him in our small kitchen where he ate a big plate of fish and rice and drank lots of water. He’d already had painkillers so was feeling better.

Suddenly there was a commotion outside when the dog’s owners arrived after being told their dog called Panda was with us. They wanted to take him home but we told them to wait until the morning after we've spoken to the vet again.

Panda would need pain killers every day for at least a week and antibiotics too.