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Mauled, Paralysed, Traumatised In Terrible Pain And Only 3 Weeks Old.

All alone

Nong Malee aka Baby Jasmine had been left to fight for herself in a terrifying place where wild aggressive dogs live. It was at the back of a big school where motorbikes and cars constantly drove in and out.

Her Mother had disappeared and her 3 siblings had all been adopted leaving her alone. I can't imagine the terror she must have felt as she searched for her lost family. And then the worst happened. She was mauled by an aggressive dog.

Nong Malee needs our help After 2 vicious dog bites on her spine, Nong Malee was paralysed. For 2 weeks she dragged herself around in terrible pain, causing horrible drag wounds, looking for food and shelter. A lady who sold food at the school looked after her during the daytime but little Nong Malee was left all alone at night.

Then we got a call from this lady asking for help. How could we ignore her pleas to help paralysed Nong Malee? This suffering tiny puppy was traumatised and in great pain just like Myla had been a year ago after her vicious monkey bite.

Nong Malee was immediately brought to us.