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Mauled, Paralysed, Traumatised In Terrible Pain And Only 3 Weeks Old.

All alone

Nong Malee aka Baby Jasmine had been left to fight for herself in a terrifying place where wild aggressive dogs live. It was at the back of a big school where motorbikes and cars constantly drove in and out.

Her Mother had disappeared and her 3 siblings had all been adopted leaving her alone. I can't imagine the terror she must have felt as she searched for her lost family. And then the worst happened. She was mauled by an aggressive dog.

Nong Malee needs our help After 2 vicious dog bites on her spine, Nong Malee was paralysed. For 2 weeks she dragged herself around in terrible pain, causing horrible drag wounds, looking for food and shelter. A lady who sold food at the school looked after her during the daytime but little Nong Malee was left all alone at night.

Then we got a call from this lady asking for help. How could we ignore her pleas to help paralysed Nong Malee? This suffering tiny puppy was traumatised and in great pain just like Myla had been a year ago after her vicious monkey bite.

Nong Malee was immediately brought to us.

The next day we travelled 100ks to our special cases vet for x-rays, blood test and thorough check up.

Fractured Vertebra

Her x-rays showed this suffering little puppy has been carrying 2 nasty spinal injuries from her vicious dog bites. They weren't complete breaks but one had almost severed the vertebrae possibly damaging her spinal cord.

Just imagine, Nong Malee had had no pain killers and no anti-inflammatory meds because no one had taken her to the vet until now.

After her vet examination and x-rays, she was put on a range of medications to help her fractures and spinal cord heal. She also had 2 injections which were very painful and drew blood and her x-ray experience was very frightening for a little puppy. An operation was ruled out as it would be extremely painful and the vet felt it wouldn't help any more than cage rest with medication.

Nong Malee's treatment Now Nong Malee has been with us for about 10 days. She's growing stronger every day and is a willful, hyper little puppy who won't keep still for a second. She has a very strong spirit which must have helped her survive her terrifying experience and the pain of her deep dog bites. She has no control over her back legs which she drags behind her or they splay out to the side. I've been advised to tie both back legs together for a short period every day to help strengthen them and keep them closer to her body.

I also give her short physiotherapy sessions to help her back legs stay supple and help the blood circulate. We have Myla as a role model who has become Nong Malee's guardian. They are inseparable.

Incredible bravery

Nong Malee has suffered horribly in her short life. She's overcome pain and terror and her fighting spirit has helped pull her through the worst. I'm sure she looked death in the face several times. But this willful little puppy still has a long way to go before she can walk again. Maybe she never will and will have to face life as a paraplegic dog.

Please help

We will do our utmost to help Nong Malee to regain the use of her back legs, but she needs your help too.

Please consider making a small donation to help this brave little puppy who has faced so much pain and trauma in her short life. She's depending on your generosity.

Malee would love some sponsors to help her through her long recovery. If you would like to look at our sponsorship rates, please click here

Malee will love you for your generosity

Thank You for Caring!!



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