Please Help Boonchai In His Valiant Fight Against Lymphoma

Boonchai our most timid and sweet natured dog was diagnosed with Lymphoma 2 months ago but we suspect he’s been fighting his cancer for much longer.

Boonchai’s Lymph Nodes Trebled in Size


The lymph nodes under his jaw and on his back legs have been unusually swollen for several months. Last year, our local vet said it’s nothing to worry about but to observe. We did observe for several months. In January Boonchai’s lymph nodes under his jaw had trebled in size. I also felt another swelling the size of my hand at the front of his shoulder. The lymph nodes on his back legs had become a massive swelling around his penis area.

We immediately took Boonchai to our special cases vet for x-rays and an ultra sound examination. Boonchai’s x-rays showed large masses in all the areas described.

Boonchai Diagnosed with Lymphoma

‘Yes, it's Lymphoma’ the vet told us. Only 3 years ago Boonchai’s mother had Lymphoma and couldn't breathe. She was put to sleep immediately.

With Boonchai we had the choice of starting chemotherapy treatment or giving him palliative care with CBD oil. We've given this to all our cancer patients who’ve lived pain free for 6 to 12 months before their time came.