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This Has To Stop

Suffering, Anguish & Stress

Imagine the anguish of trying to feed and protect so many puppies with no milk for them cos you're starving and no safe place. Our goal is to stop the suffering of abandoned and 'taken in' dogs and cats facing an endless cycle of producing litter after litter of unwanted puppies and kittens.

Unwanted Puppies & Kittens

'Taken in' means kind-hearted residents haven't kicked away stray cats and dogs who've arrived on their doorstep half-starved. They've let them stay and fed them but that's as far as their resources can go. They become overwhelmed with unwanted puppies and kittens being produced, so they abandon them. Some are taken to local temples at best or thrown on the roadside at worst. Sometimes with the mother and sometimes without. We don't overlook feral dogs either. We've trapped many feral mothers and their newborn puppies and brought them to safety into our healing centre.

Rescuing Feral Puppies

Over 2,000 Dogs and Cats Neutered

We started a monthly free community neutering program 3 years ago travelling to local temples and residents' houses. With the help of a valued sponsor, 'Compassion Sans Borders,' we've neutered over 2000 dogs and cats but the requests for our free service are increasing daily.

Neutering Hotline

2 months ago after Covid-19 hit our area we started a hotline service in conjunction with our vet. Residents can phone and book an appointment with us and take their pets to the vet's clinic for free neutering. Within the first 2 days our monthly quota of 55 animals was full but the phone didn't stop ringing.

Deaths from infections & Killer Viruses

Did you know that neutering also stops killer infections such as TVT Transmissible Venereal Tumour? TVT is mainly sexually transmitted but can be passed on by sniffing or licking. It's a painful killer for male and female dogs. Also, Pyometra which is an inflammation of the uterus, kills many female dogs. Unwanted weak and unvaccinated puppies often die painful deaths from killer viruses such as Distemper and Parvo.

Neutering will Stop the Suffering

The cost of neutering a male or female dog or cat is only 600.00 baht, $19.00, £15.00, 25.00AUD or 16 Euros. We desperately need more funds to help us meet the requests by locals and temples to stop the birth of unwanted puppies and kittens. You can make a difference by donating any amount to stop the suffering of these animals. The more dogs and cats we can neuter, the more responsible our community will become.

Help us Neuter 100 Dogs a Month

If you have funds available we'd be overjoyed if you could sponsor the neutering of a dog or cat on a monthly basis. Help us stop the unwanted innocent from being born to face a life of cruelty and hardship. Please Donate today!

Thank you for caring!


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