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This is what you helped us achieve in 2020

We are overjoyed and so very grateful for the fantastic support many of you have given us over 2020...the worst year in recent history.

Against all odds 2020 has been a high achievement year for us, despite the difficulties Covid has brought. The Thai Government has handled the virus very effectively and everyone has been masked up!

We are proud to have reached an incredible number of 100 adoptions. 2020 has been particularly challenging with 93 puppies abandoned and rescued in our area.


90 Puppies and 10 Dogs


453 Dogs and 260 Cats


660 Dogs and 90 Puppies

Serious Injuries

All 6 Survived

Transmissible Venereal Tumor

All Treated and Survived

Blood Parasites

9 Treated and 7 Survived

We would like to thank everyone who has so kindly and generously donated to our hard work during 2020. Without your help and compassion, many more dogs and puppies would have suffered.

And also a special mention to those 18 fantastic supporters who overwhelmed us with their generosity, by donating to Compassion Sans Borders 'Giving Tuesday' Facebook fundraiser. We truly thought we’d never reach the goal CSB set, but you not only reached the goal but exceeded it. A huge 'thank you' to Compassion Sans Borders for matching every donation.

Please consider becoming a sponsor for our vital work to end the suffering

A Very Happy Christmas And All Best Wishes For A Better 2021



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