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Tiny Puppies Bullied, Bitten and Starving

Asking for our Help

We received this message from 2 tourists who were spending a night 100ks from us.

"Hi, I know you are further north but I have found around 9 puppies. About 6 weeks old. Next to Sara Resort in Chumphon. One is dead already. Can you help or know of anyone who can?"

It appears there are no rescues between Chumphon 100ks from us and our town. The tourists had been advised to contact us.

Too Far Away

At first, we said we couldn't help as the pups were found so far away. We get many calls from locals about rescuing cruelly abandoned pups and we felt they must take priority.

Some of our local pups rescued

We thought about the situation again. After seeing the pictures of the skinny pups on this beach we felt they were in great danger of dying. The tourists said they would take them to Bangkok if we couldn't help but what would they do with them there? Their future was very uncertain, so we decided we must help.

Bring them to us

On New Year's Eve, the tourists Ben and Mary arrived with 5 tiny pups. The good news was 3 from the original 8 have been adopted on the beach by a local family leaving 5. Ben and Mary also adopted the smallest puppy 2 weeks later leaving us with 4 very needy pups.

We immediately de-loused and de-wormed them and they now have daily calcium and multivitamins. After 2 weeks they all had their first combine vaccination.

Our staff named them Ninja, Taro, Cha nom (Milky Tea) and Kai Mok (Pearl)! They have grown amazingly quickly from the tiny sickly puppies found on the beach a month ago.

More abandoned dogs

Mid-January we went for a short break some 120ks away. Whilst exploring the area we drove up a short road to a deserted beach. Not exactly deserted as there was a group of about 10 dogs living on the beach with 2 tiny puppies.

The tiny pups won't survive

We fed them and left water before returning to our hotel. That evening we couldn't stop worrying about the 2 tiny pups. There was no water for them and they had to fight for their food.

They were living next to a trash bin and surrounded by red biting ants. Their skin was bad, especially the white puppy who was covered in sores and they both had worms. It was heartbreaking.

The next morning we returned with more food and water. It was obvious the mother had stopped caring for her pups as she came running from far away when she saw us. A local said there had been 5 puppies but 3 were killed by careless drivers. That made up our minds for us. We had to rescue them.

Bundled into the car

We picked them up the following morning and put them in a box on the back seat. They didn't cry once. They looked around and the brown pup eventually climbed out and went to sleep on my hat! Her sister slept in the box on the 2-hour journey home.

They were exhausted from trying to survive in very hard conditions and must have felt safe for the first time in their short lives.

Named Annabelle and Cora, they've joined the 4 pups and are now part of their group. Although much smaller they can stand up for themselves and growl at food time. This is obviously part of their survival mechanism. It's amazing the pups weren't badly bitten by one of the adult dogs on the beach.

We now have 6 sweet-natured adorable puppies all of whom were looking at a life of incredible hardship, disease and inevitable pregnancy and death. We have changed that outlook to one of happiness and good health free from multiple pregnancies.

Can you help too?

Can you join the 3 wonderful supporters who've donated to help Annabelle and Cora?

Costs will inevitably mount as they get older. All 6 puppies will need 3 more vaccinations and most importantly spay and neutering and any medical costs if they injure themselves or fall ill. Diarrhea and lung infections are 2 of our greatest worries.

They will thank you for your generosity

These adorable little puppies have suffered horribly in their short lives and need all the help you can give them.

By making a small donation you can make the difference they need to lead healthy lives protected by vaccinations and spayed and neutered. They will then have an excellent chance to be adopted into a loving forever home.

Perhaps you might like to choose something from our Wish List for them as well!

Thank You for Caring!!

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