Inspirational Bike Ride Across Thailand

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

1750 kilometers in 6 Days This wonderful young American man Robert Heyer is undertaking a very challenging bike ride. He will be setting off from Thailand's most northern point at The Golden Triangle down to Phuket in the south to raise funds for us. He will be starting his bike ride this week and he anticipates his herculean ride will take 6 days.

Covid 19 is still a danger

Bear in mind Covid 19 is still rampant in Thailand so Robert's putting himself at great risk cycling through 13 Provinces even though he's vaccinated. Robert is selflessly doing this for our dogs. We all know that vaccinations don't protect you a 100% from Covid 19...

Robert's Route

We had some t-shirts specially printed for his bike ride which we hope will stand out and get people asking what he's doing and why. Robert wants to spread the word about our work throughout Thailand.